BBM with Aviation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Bachelors Program in Business Management offers a high quality, professional education in Management for budding managers who wish to contribute their efficient manager skills at opening and middle level positions in the industry, business and social organizations or to establish themselves as new generation entrepreneurs. The program offers rigorous training which help them to prepare new horizon of Managerial opportunities at National and International levels. Today logistic is one of the booming industries across the globe. A Bachelors degree in Management will prepare students to understand the business of logistics, and how supply chain play an important role in business management. The scope of having a career in this field is very high and gratifying. Exposure to supply chain management makes the aspiring students to understand the business criteria of this field and prepare them to face the competition with a winning spirit

Available opportunities
Entry level managers in various MNC’s in different fields like Airlines, banking, Insurance, Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Stock trading and basic area of finance accounting. The institutes sharpen their skills and make them compatible to the new growing world. Even in the hard time of recession the demand of professional in this particular industry seems to have a high margin of employment. Career in Aviation and related courses is thus in high Demand and guarantees a rewarding future.

PUC or +2 in any stream

BBM degree shall extend over a period of six semesters in three academic years

Affiliated to Bangalore University and recognized by Government of Karnataka. (Integrated programs offered by the “The BSE academy for aviation and logistics” is promoted and approved by government of India)